Quick Searches

Fast & easy searches for phone numbers, extensions, names, patterns and more.

Voice Traffic Analysis

Easily gain greater insight into your voice traffic to pinpoint system inefficiency, improper routing, concurrent users and cost reduction opportunities.

Emergency 911 & Instant Alerts

Customized, Unlimited, Real-Time Alerts with Caller Identification.

Real-Time Dashboards

Reveal issues quickly with Dynamic Desktop Dashboards that continually refresh to bring you the most up-to-date analysis for instant managerial decisions & immediate action.

Telecom Expense & Call Accounting

Flexible call costing & simplified total telecom expense allocation.

Productivity Reports

Unlimited reporting for optimal management of customer service & encouraging employee productivity.

Avaya Reports

Detailed Avaya Analytics to empower your business.

Cisco Reports

Comprehensive Cisco Analytics & Reporting to broaden the scope of management.

Great things happen when you combine your company’s data with Microcall analytics!

Meaningful Data – Microcall integrates with any kind and any number of voice platforms, analyzes the data in real-time and immediately provides interactive, meaningful dashboards to managers at all levels. Microcall Reports give managers the information needed to make fast, informed business decisions.

In-depth Reporting – Automate Microcall integration with Active Directory, PeopleSoft, Cisco CDR, Avaya Site Admin., or HR systems, so Reports also contain Employee Names, Location, Departments, Cost Centers, Sessions, Devices, MAC Address, Shared-Line Assignments and more. Combining voice data with additional detailed information enhances the level of reporting.

Everything to Everybody

Microcall comprehensive features and system automation makes reporting so simple that every manager (Telecom Infrastructure, Security, Finance, Sales, HR & Customer Service) benefits from Microcall.

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