Micro-Tel, Incorporated, founded in 1979, is a market leader and creator of the award-winning Microcall solution.


Founded in 1979, Micro-Tel introduced the Microcall software in 1983. Microcall was the first call reporting software developed for personal computers. Prior to the release of Microcall, call reporting ran on expensive mainframe and mini computers that were mostly available to large corporations. Microcall provided all the features found in mainframe reporting systems for a fraction of the cost and businesses of all sizes immediately embraced the Microcall solution. In order to compete with Microcall, competitors began to abandon their mainframe products to develop PC-based solutions. Micro-Tel emerged as a pioneer and has retained market leader status ever since.

Today, Microcall is used in thousands of local and international businesses, educational institutions, organizations and government agencies. Microcall customers range from small & medium size businesses to Fortune 1000 companies with tens of thousands of employees and locations globally.

Microcall & Support Services

Microcall is one of the most widely used and recognized solutions on the market. Microcall captures data from any voice platform and provides active dashboards and meaningful reports that help businesses effectively manage voice operations, provide allocation of costs, detect potential toll fraud / emergency 911 alerts, increase employee productivity and ultimately reduce expenses.

Included with the purchase of Microcall is access to the Microcall Support Services team with strong industry knowledge and deep expertise gained from working with thousands of customers in every industry. This crucial part of the Microcall bundle provides customers with invaluable guidance to ensure that Microcall is properly deployed, meets their immediate needs, and that all levels of an organization benefit from Microcall and its capabilities. The Microcall Support Service team is with Microcall customers every step of the way offering industry experience and assistance, including; consulting services, remote software installation, implementation assistance, training, system audits, and on-going support services, all free of charge.


With over 40 years in business, we have always believed that we work better – together – with our thousands of Microcall customers. Our average customer tenure of more than 10 years is a strong testament that we are on the right track!

As a company, we have a strong partnership with our Microcall customers and are in constant communication by placing weekly/monthly follow-up calls to make sure their Microcall solution is performing at full capacity, provide free Microcall training/educational webinars, offer free System Audits, configure their Microcall solution for automated operation, and continually conduct surveys about our Microcall solution, programs, and service.

Microcall Customer Snapshot

  • Microcall is used by thousands of businesses, educational institutions, organizations and government agencies globally.
  • Microcall is deployed in companies in virtually every industry, located in every State, within the United States.
  • Microcall customers range from large blue-chip companies with tens of thousands of employees and billions of call records to, small and medium sized businesses.
  • The average Microcall customer tenure is more than 10 years.

Internally Developed & Enhanced

For decades, development efforts have been solely focused on ensuring that Microcall is fully-featured, innovative and easy to use. The Micro-Tel Development team and Microcall Support Services are all handled in the United States at Micro-Tel’s Corporate Headquarters. The Microcall solution is internally developed and enhanced by our experienced programming team which works closely with Microcall Support Services, existing customers, and industry developer partners to create innovative solutions.

Microcall continues to be the leading call reporting solution because when Microcall customers speak, we do more than listen, we actually implement! The thousands of Microcall customers represent large and small businesses in every industry so their feedback is instrumental as we continue to enhance the Microcall solution to exceed the performance that our customers expect.