No matter how secure your voice platform, the possibility of toll fraud, abuse and employee misuse still exists. Microcall allows users to easily configure an unlimited number of alarms to alert managers instantly of potential toll fraud and internal abuse.

Samples of Microcall’s unlimited alarms include:

  • Search for harassing / threatening calls made minutes ago.
  • Fraudulent or Excessive International calls.
  • Frequently Dialed Numbers pinpointing irregularities or excessive personal calls.
  • Alerts to unexplained surges in use.
  • Longest calls can point to unresolved customer issues, or employee misuse.
  • Increases in call traffic after-business-hours and over-weekends are often fraud related.
  • Most Expensive calls and employees directly responsible for making them.

Microcall instantly alerts managers of any alarm condition via e-mail, desktop dashboard alert, screen pop, and/or by phone.