Reveal issues quickly and make instant managerial decisions with Microcall Real-time Dashboards that continually refresh to bring you the most up-to-date analysis (right from your desktop). 

Microcall “Real-time” Dashboard example views include:

  • Multi-GraphEmergency 911 Dashboard ‐ Shows all Emergency 911 activity with location identifiers such as site, building, room, floor, employee, and extension.
  • VDN Detail ‐ Monitor a specific VDN.
  • Hunt Pilot DN ‐ Monitor a specific Hunt Pilot DN.
  • Shared‐Line ‐ Shows current usage on a Shared‐Line with subtotals for each member of the Shared‐Line.
  • Call Termination ‐ Reveals call detail that includes who terminated the call.
  • Search for Phone Numbers ‐ Investigate calls to/from a specific phone number.
  • Search for Employee Detail ‐ View all calls to/from a specific employee or extension.
  • Real-time-Dashboard-EmployeeReveal Employee Summary – View summary and drill‐down to detail.
  • Employee Detail for specific employee ‐ Shows detailed call information as calls are completed.
  • Trunk Dashboard – Shows real‐time usage on specific trunks.
  • Long Calls ‐ Set user‐defined thresholds and any call exceeding that threshold will appear in the Dashboard.
  • Expensive Calls ‐ Set the threshold and any call exceeding a ‘specific dollar amount’ threshold will appear in the Dashboard.
  • International Calls ‐ View all International call activity for the company or a specific group.
  • Employee Locator ‐ Lookup employees by extension number or name.
  • Frequently Dialed Numbers ‐ Reveals the ‘Most Frequently Dialed Numbers’ in your organization.
  • Frequent Inbound Callers ‐ Analyze inbound ANI to show who frequently calls your organization.