Microcall dashboards offer an easy way to analyze data and share the results with others. Users can create an unlimited number of dashboards to obtain real-time & historical analytics, and can also dock multiple dashboards on their desktop that will automatically and continually refresh with new data every couple of seconds. To share dashboard results with others, simply select the SHARE icon located at the top of any Microcall dashboard to easily send a Snapshot, Email, pdf, csv, and more.

Microcall Dashboard examples include:

Quick Searches

  • Cradle-to-Grave Call Tracing
  • HR Investigate Employee Calls
  • Phone Number Searches
  • Tracing Bomb Threats / Harassing Calls
  • Search for activity to/from specific phone #’s
  • Historical Call Searches for Compliance / Legal

 Voice Traffic

  • Peak Concurrent Conversations
  • Inbound 800# Reporting
  • SIP Bandwidth Deployment / Capacity
  • Identity SIP Trunks with Capacity to handle new sites
  • Hunt Pilot DN
  • Abandoned Calls / Call Termination
  • Moving PRI’s to SIP Analytics
  • Off-Network / On-Network Calls
  • VDN & Route Points
  • Conference Calls / WebEx Sessions
  • Toll Avoidance / Tail End Hop-off
  • Traffic Between Locations
  • All Circuits Busy
  • Under-Utilized Circuits
  • Unused Extensions
  • Inter-Departmental Call Transfer Analysis

 SBC / CUBE / GatewayReal-time-Dashboard-Employee

  • Trunks Utilized on the SBC / CUBE / Gateway
  • Ingress Routes / Egress Routes
  • Max Concurrent Call Paths
  • Error Codes
  • Load Balancing Analysis
  • Disconnect Codes
  • Analyze routing from carrier to SBC to voice platform
  • Summary & Detail Call Activity for Trunks connected to SBC
  • DNIS Reporting
  • Alerts for Traffic on DR Trunks

 Emergency 911 / Instant Alerts

  • Emergency 911 Alerts with Location Identifiers
  • Unlimited Toll Fraud Instant Alerts
  • Unexplained Surges in Usage
  • Instant Alerts for User-Defined Thresholds: Long Calls, Expensive Calls, International Calls, Excess After-hours/Weekend calling, etc.

Call Accounting / Finance

  • Cost Allocation / Departmental Bill-Back / Tenant Billing
  • Most Expensive Calls
  • Shared Tenant Billing with Long Distance Rates, Fixed Costs, and more.
  • Reconcile Long Distance BillsMulti-Graph
  • Allocate ALL Telecom costs based on actual usage
  • WebEx/Conference Service Usage

 Agent Productivity / Call Center Activity

  • Agent Summary & Detailed Activity in real-time
  • Abandoned Calls
  • Trace entire life cycle of call
  • Busiest Groups
  • Agent KPI’s (total calls, total duration, average duration, average ring time, etc.)
  • Hourly summary with drill-down to detail
  • Key Customer Dashboards

 Sales / Marketing / Help Desk / Customer Service

  • Cold Call Activity
  • Time Spent with Customers
  • Response/Success of Advertising Campaigns
  • Calls Made to Certain Area Codes
  • Calls Sent to Wrong Departments
  • Calls made to Do Not Call lists
  • Most Active Customers

Above are just a few ways to utilize Microcall dashboards.  Choose from Microcall standard dashboards or create your own unlimited reporting options!