questionsEvery business with a phone system has a need for call reporting, whether the reports are used to reduce expense, measure voice routing efficiency, monitor toll fraud, track advertising effectiveness or to simply manage employees effectively. Microcall’s powerful report generator provides companies with flexible, unlimited web-based reporting.

To learn more about Microcall’s various reporting options, please click on the links below:

Manage every aspect of voice operations and employee productivity.

Measure the overall efficiency of voice communications to reduce expense and increase system performance.

Reveal issues quickly with Dynamic Desktop Dashboards that continually refresh to bring you the most up-to-date analysis for instant managerial decisions & immediate action.

Receive instant alerts of any Emergency 911 call, harassing calls, excessive usage and more.

Discover how Avaya cradle-to-grave reporting empowers your business.

Obtain in-depth Cisco reporting that spans from voice traffic analysis to corporate-wide managerial reporting.