Federal and State government agencies are typically comprised of large offices with many employees. Government agencies have an immediate need to deal quickly with any potential security issues, increase customer satisfaction as well as reduce fraudulent activity. Typical reports utilized by government agencies include:

  • Call Tracking Reports: Analyzing Ring Times, Abandoned Calls, Shared Lined Activity, and more.
  • Provides a good idea of how calls are handled and how this impacts customer service.
  • Instant identification of an Emergency 911 caller so on-site security can investigate the call the instant it occurs.
  • Traffic / Trunk Analysis to determine the efficiency of the voice platform.
  • Cost Allocation reporting to ensure cost containment for budgeting and potential misuse.
  • Detailed Ad hoc reporting to investigate customer complaints and customer inquiries.
  • Specific Dialed Number searches to assist with and quickly resolve any harassing calls, bomb threats, etc.

Microcall Report Distribution

Microcall reporting is available in Desktop Dashboards as well as through a browser, and can also be scheduled for automatic email distribution.

Easy Access to Critical Data:

  1. Dashboards revealing real-time call analytics right on the user’s desktop.
  2. Microcall Report Generator allowing users to create & save an unlimited number of reports.
  3. Unlimited Remote User Access with Windows Authentication – easy browser access to perform instant call searches as well as obtain detailed reporting.
  4. Scheduled, Automatic Email Reports – hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.