Hospitals and healthcare offices are typically large facilities that need to manage daily voice activity for patient satisfaction, call tracking/routing, administrative management as well as to adhere to regulatory requirements. A sample of how Microcall is utilized in a hospital/healthcare environment includes:

  • Bill tenants (doctors, contractors, pharmacy, etc.) for calls that are made through the Hospital’s voice platform.
  • Obtain custom reports for tracking physician calls made from common area phones.
  • Show activity of common stations (nurses, labs, etc.) to see how busy they are during each hour of the day.
  • Traffic / Trunk analysis to ensure hospital lines are available for incoming callers.
  • Emergency 911 Caller Identification so on-site security can quickly locate an Emergency 911 caller.
  • Ad hoc reporting to improve patient satisfaction, adhere to regulatory requirements, call trending and more.
  • Allocate total Telecom costs to each division/department/budget code, etc.

Microcall Report Distribution

Microcall reporting is available in Desktop Dashboards as well as through a browser, and can also be scheduled for automatic email distribution.

Easy Access to Critical Data:

  1. Dashboards revealing real-time call analytics right on the user’s desktop.
  2. Microcall Report Generator allowing users to create & save an unlimited number of reports.
  3. Unlimited Remote User Access with Windows Authentication – easy browser access to perform instant call searches as well as obtain detailed reporting.
  4. Scheduled, Automatic Email Reports – hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.