Live Educational Webinars

 (Free for Current Microcall Customers)

Microcall customers are eligible to register for free Microcall Educational Webinars. The Microcall Educational Webinars are a great way to learn about the latest Microcall features, sharpen your skills and ensure you take full advantage of all that Microcall has to offer. So many features are added to Microcall annually that even Microcall customers, who have utilized the Microcall solution for the past 25 years, will learn something new! Microcall customers can take full advantage of this opportunity, and we will schedule a Microcall webinar at a date/time convenient for you. Schedule Now!

Live Training Webinars

 (Free for Current Microcall Customers)

Microcall customers under active maintenance are eligible for FREE Microcall training webinar sessions. Microcall training webinars are ideal for first-time Microcall users and for those who wish to have an overview of Microcall’s features and capabilities. The live Microcall training webinars are conducted by members of the Microcall Support Team who will guide you step-by-step through the overall Microcall Menu, system functionality, assist with configuring Microcall for automated operation, and answer any questions you may have. Schedule Now!

Microcall On-Premise Training

With Microcall on-premise training, our Microcall instructors bring their knowledge and expertise to you. These instructor-led sessions begin with our trainer ensuring that your Microcall solution is properly installed and functioning to its full potential. Then, a customized, thorough Microcall training class will address specific needs, operational procedures, demonstrations, questions and configuring the Microcall solution for system automation. To receive a price quote and schedule Microcall On-Premise Training, please click here.