Microcall is one of the most widely recognized & well-received products on the market, containing comprehensive features that exceed customer needs and providing the highest level of customer support and end-user services.

Your purchase of Microcall includes the following:

Your purchase of Microcall includes all of Microcall’s comprehensive features and unlimited reporting. No add-ons and no modules required! Microcall is loaded with features and unlimited reporting so, as your organization requirements changes, your Microcall solution is ready.
As a company, we have a strong partnership with our Microcall customers and work closely with them to ensure that all levels of their organization benefit from Microcall and its capabilities. We are in constant communication with customers; placing weekly/monthly follow-up calls to make sure their Microcall solution is performing at full capacity, provide free Microcall training/educational webinars, offer free System Audits, configure their Microcall solution for automated operation, and issue surveys about our Microcall solution, programs, and service.

With close to 40 years in business, we have always believed that we work better – together – with our thousands of Microcall customers. Our average customer tenure of more than 10 years is a strong testament that we are on the right track!

Microcall is extremely easy to install and simple to use; however, our Microcall Support Services team are more than happy to remotely perform the Microcall installation for you, included with your purchase.
Included with purchase is Microcall System Audits where the Microcall Support Services team remotely accesses your Microcall solution to ensure that it is fully configured to take advantage of all that Microcall has to offer. Once your Microcall solution is configured to your specifications, the Microcall Support Services team will then automate your entire system’s operation from report distribution, instant alerts, to MACS, and more.
Microcall training webinars are ”live” sessions conducted by a member of the Microcall Support Services team and designed specifically for you! Whether you are a first-time Microcall user who would like an overview of Microcall’s features and capabilities or, a long-time user who wishes to sharpen your skills, Microcall training webinars are provided free of charge and scheduled at a date/time convenient for you!!
Included with purchase is full access to the knowledgeable Microcall Support Services team. Microcall Support Services offer the unique combination of helpful system guidance with decades of industry experience to ensure Microcall customers receive best-in-class assistance from; trouble-shooting, training, system configuration, to simply answering questions. When calling into the Microcall Support Services team, you are greeted by a ‘live’ person and immediately provided with assistance without delay.

The Microcall Support Services team is second to none. For those of you not familiar with our team, we encourage you to ask peers as well as users groups about Microcall and our support services. We are extremely confident you will hear great things!

We are continually enhancing the Microcall solution adding new features & capabilities while taking advantage of the latest technology. As a part of the Microcall Maintenance services, a new release of Microcall is supplied to current Microcall customers annually. Therefore, Microcall customers receive new Microcall reports, new features, current OS compatibility, new area codes, and more – FREE OF CHARGE! Microcall customers always have the most advanced system available!
Microcall interfaces with all voice platforms and should a Microcall customer ever change their voice platform, we will provide them with the new integration, FREE OF CHARGE.