Billing clients for time spent on their behalf is an integral part of operations in a law firm. Most law firms use Client Matter numbers that associates a number with a particular client. Microcall easily tracks Client Matter numbers and associates all the attorney’s calls, time spent on the calls and any associated expense so client billing is accurate and consolidated. Highlights include:

  • Call billing based on Client Matter Codes or Account Codes.
  • Different call rates can be applied to various clients, including surcharges, discounts, fixed costs per minute, etc.
  • If an attorney neglects to enter a client matter code for a particular call, Microcall will automatically e-mail each attorney or the system administrator with a list of calls that do not contain client matter codes so entries can be addressed immediately versus at a later date in the billing cycle.
  • Microcall will automatically export client bills in a variety of formats to interface with other third-party billing applications.

Microcall Report Distribution

Microcall reporting is available in Desktop Dashboards as well as through a browser, and can also be scheduled for automatic email distribution.

Easy Access to Critical Data:

  1. Dashboards revealing real-time call analytics right on the user’s desktop.
  2. Microcall Report Generator allowing users to create & save an unlimited number of reports.
  3. Unlimited Remote User Access with Windows Authentication – easy browser access to perform instant call searches as well as obtain detailed reporting.
  4. Scheduled, Automatic Email Reports – hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.