For optimal management of customer service and to encourage employee productivity, managers need reports that show an overall ‘big picture’ view of telephone usage as well as specific details to a particular employee’s calls. Microcall makes it simple for managers to obtain ‘instant’ answers to critical business questions.

Microcall Manager Report Samples

Below is a small sampling of Microcall’s Managerial reports:

  • Employee Summary shows a summary of calls by department/employee/extension.
  • Busy Hour displays departmental activity by hour of day to help with scheduling/staffing.
  • Longest Calls reveals unusually long calls by department/employee.
  • Most Expensive Calls shows expensive calls and the employee responsible for the calls.
  • Most Frequently Dialed Numbers displays frequently dialed number by employee/department.
  • Most Frequent Incoming Calls reveals frequent ‘incoming’ calls by employee/department.
  • Long Calls Alert triggers an e-mail for longest calls handled within a department.
  • Key Customer Alerts triggers an e-mail for calls made to, or received from, certain customers.
  • Regional Sales Report shows sales people who made/received calls from outside their territory.
  • Inbound Call Summary by State shows inbound calls by state, illustrating WHERE callers are calling FROM.

Microcall – Additional Reporting Options

Report Wizard

Designing custom reports is simple. The Microcall Report Wizard provides a step-by-step guide to creating custom reports that can be saved and scheduled to e-mail/printer/file on the dates specified. Flexible options to designing the overall look of the reports by adding/removing fields, grouping by certain fields, sort orders and more, help to tailor the look of the reports.

Standard Reports

In addition to allowing users to create an unlimited number of custom reports, Microcall includes hundreds of Standard Reports to choose from that can easily be scheduled for automatic report distribution via e-mail. Sample Standard Reports include: Company Summary, Extension Detail, Incoming Calls Report, Most Expensive Calls, International Call Report, Unused Extensions Report and more.

Dynamic Desktop Dashboards

Reveal issues quickly with Dynamic Desktop Dashboards that continually refresh to bring you the most up-to-date analysis for instant managerial decisions & immediate action.

Automatic e-mail Reports

All Microcall reports can be scheduled for automatic e-mail on any date/time interval. Reports can be sent via a hyperlink or as an attachment in a variety of file formats.

Real-time Data Collection / Processing

Microcall captures and processes all calls in real-time, so Reporting, Emergency 911 Alerts and phone number searches are ready within seconds.