Most manufacturing companies depend on the ability to produce quality products efficiently, making employee productivity an important factor in the overall success. Microcall’s ability to instantly search through employee calls for information that could interrupt or cease operations (like a potential bomb threat), is one of the most widely used features among manufacturing environments. Other examples of how Microcall benefits manufacturing companies include:

  • Ad Hoc reporting on common area phones (warehouses, break room, lobby).
  • Instant Emergency 911 alerts to on-site security to identify WHO placed the call.
  • Instant alerts of excessive International calls or other fraudulent calling patterns.
  • Measure hourly call usage to determine employee productivity (personal calls, radio contest hotlines, etc.).
  • Documenting that certain numbers were called at specific times for compliance.

Microcall Report Distribution

Microcall reporting is available in Desktop Dashboards as well as through a browser, and can also be scheduled for automatic email distribution.

Easy Access to Critical Data:

  1. 1. Dashboards revealing real-time call analytics right on the user’s desktop.
  2. Microcall Report Generator allowing users to create & save an unlimited number of reports.
  3. Unlimited Remote User Access with Windows Authentication – easy browser access to perform instant call searches as well as obtain detailed reporting.
  4. Scheduled, Automatic Email Reports – hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.