Real-time Reporting is vital to any organization for improved employee productivity, voice infrastructure efficiency as well as customer service satisfaction. Microcall Cloud offers flexible reporting to meet the various needs of all departments including; Telecom, Call Center Supervisors, Accounting, HR, Sales and more!

Microcall Cloud for Businesses

Microcall Cloud reporting is available for businesses that have migrated to a Hosted Cloud Voice environment and have a need to obtain real-time, reporting on their voice platform. Microcall can be implemented in the Cloud or, installed on a virtual computer that collects the call data directly from the Cloud Service Provider. All of Microcall’s features and reporting are available with the Cloud environment.

Microcall’s flexible reporting delivered via the Cloud includes:

  • Emergency 911 Instant Alerts/Identification
  • Voice / Traffic Analytics
  • Managerial Reporting
  • Exception Alerts
  • Cost Allocation
  • Scheduled Email Reports
  • Dynamic Dashboards and more!

Microcall Cloud for Service Providers

Microcall Cloud reporting is available to service providers who wish to offer their customers real-time, Cloud call reporting. Microcall is implemented within the Cloud and available to various customers who each have their own unique, protected browser access to Microcall Cloud to perform searches on their call data. Services Providers can also offer all of Microcall’s extensive features to their customers such as; Emergency 911 Alerts/Caller Identification, Alert Thresholds, Scheduled Emailed Reports, Voice Traffic Analysis, Agent Reporting and more.