Microcall Enterprise – Global Analysis, One Solution

Microcall Enterprise takes the complexity out of managing Enterprise voice communications by simultaneously monitoring call data from cross-platform voice solutions and centralizing the data into a single, uniform SQL database.

Microcall Enterprise provides real-time global and site-specific reporting for Telecom Expense Management, Global and Local-level Employee Productivity, Gateway Efficiency and Instant Toll Fraud Notification. Enterprise Solutions

Simultaneous, Voice Platform Call Data Consolidation

Microcall Enterprise interfaces with all voice platforms as well as legacy phone systems, and provides simultaneous data collection and consolidation. Call data is collected in real-time over the corporate network and consolidated into a single SQL database for instant, unlimited reporting.

Consolidated Integration

Microcall Enterprise integrates with Active Directory, PeopleSoft, HR Systems, Avaya ASA and other solutions to automatically populate the Microcall Company Directory database with any Moves, Adds, and Changes. This automated consolidation of data helps to eliminate the duplication of manual data entry, automate database administration and provide for accurate reporting.


  • One SQL database, Corporate-wide
  • Simultaneous, Multi-Vendor Voice Platform
  • No equipment needed at remote sites
  • Real-Time data collection and reporting
  • Consolidated and Location-specific reporting
  • Unlimited Uses, Browser Access
  • Automated Operation
  • Corporate-wide Phone Number Searches

Feature Highlights

  • Active Directory, PeopleSoft, HR Integration
  • Instant Global Reporting, One Solution
  • Real-Time, Global Phone Number Searches
  • Corporate-wide Emergency 911 Identification
  • Instant, Global Toll Fraud Notification
  • Cost Allocation / Call Accounting
  • Automated Operation
  • Gateway / Voice Traffic Analysis
  • Historical / Trend Reporting