The Microcall Managed Services environment is ideal for companies with limited or over-burdened IT departments who face challenges of managing multiple systems with multiple locations. With the Microcall Managed Services environment, our knowledgeable professionals oversee the entire process of call data management.

The Microcall Managed Services team works closely with your organization to determine current and future needs while offering decades of expertise. To ensure data integrity (and that you always have access to your call data), the solution is hosted at your location, but the Microcall Managed Services team will oversee all the time consuming and critical processes associated with large environments including, configuring data collection, call processing, database management, report creation, report distribution and more. Employees only need a Web Browser to access reports and perform searches on call data that help to:

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Eliminate toll fraud / internal abuse
  • Charge back to departments for their long distance expense
  • Monitor call routing and trunk usage

To learn more about the Microcall Managed Services and how our team will seamlessly manage your environment, please contact us.