Microcall is award-winning software that captures call data from any voice platform and/or legacy phone system, processes the call data (assigns employee information, computes cost of long distance calls, monitors for suspicious phone activity, etc.) and stores the data in an SQL database. Microcall provides organizations with unlimited browser call reporting to effectively manage voice operations, provide allocation of costs, detect potential toll fraud/emergency 911 alerts, increase employee productivity and ultimately reduce expenses.

Voice Traffic Analysis

Microcall measures the overall efficiency of a company’s voice communications which helps to reduce expense. Report samples include: Analyzing the traffic/usage on voice gateways for greater efficiency, Determining busiest hours of the day, Tracking calls from answer to completion to assist with greater customer service, Pinpointing Unused Extensions so equipment can be reallocated, Highlighting Unused Circuits to reduce monthly expense, Determining if calls are being properly routed over least expensive Gateways/Trunks, Measuring the volume of phone traffic between sites and much more.

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Employee Productivity Improvement

With most organizations payroll is one of the largest expenses and small increases in employee productivity can result in higher cost savings. Microcall provides numerous reports with hard facts that managers can use to ensure their employees are as productive as possible. Report examples include: Identify the number of “cold calls” made by the sales staff, Measure the time spent on each call or with a specific customer, Protect against fines associated with ‘Do Not Call’ lists, Highlight the “Most Frequently Dialed” phone numbers to determine if these are personal or business related, Identify the busiest hours of the day to assist with scheduling and staffing and more.

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Allocation of Costs / Expense Management

Microcall is extremely flexible and offers a variety of call-costing options to be used for Call Accounting/Cost Allocation as well as expense management. Even companies that do not allocate departmental charges will benefit from costing calls. Microcall Report examples include: Identifying the “Most Expensive” calls and the employees responsible for them, Reconciling long distance bills to check for inaccuracies, Pinpointing overuse of costly services such as “Information 411” or “900 calls”, and Allocating current costs to internal Tenants/Contractors for their portion of the phone bill.

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Telephone Fraud / Employee Misuse Detection

No matter how secure the voice network seems, the possibility of toll fraud still exists. Microcall contains built-in instant alerts that monitor for potential fraud and employee abuse/misuse before expenses escalate. Instant Alert examples include: Identification of a harassing call made minutes ago, Instant “Emergency 911” notification and caller location identification, Alerts of unexplained surges in use, Pinpointing increases in call volume after business hours and on weekends, Identifying ‘Long’ calls highlighting issues such as stuck trunks, employee misuse, modems that do not disconnect, unresolved customer issues, etc., and Highlighting International calls and/or Countries will high call volumes.