Corporations are always looking for ways to reduce expenses. Thousands of companies use Microcall’s numerous features to help trim costs and save money!

Here are a few examples of how Microcall reduces expenses:

  • Pinpoint Unused Trunks & Extensions to eliminate unnecessary monthly charges.
  • Identify your “Most Expensive” calls and employees making them.
  • Verify long distance carrier phone billing is accurate.
  • Allocate phone expenses to individuals/departments.
  • Curb use of expensive services such as “Information 411 or 555-1212”, etc.
  • Budget / Negotiate Long Distance Contracts.
  • Determine if long distance calls are routed properly over least expensive trunks.
  • Spot busy Trunks – Customers receiving a ‘busy’ signal can equal lost revenue.
  • Keep track of equipment and/or bill departments for equipment costs.
  • See the number of calls routed from your phone system to your other offices.
  • Determine the ‘Most Frequently Dialed’ numbers and the employees making them.
  • Identify the number of “cold calls” made by your sales representatives.
  • Improve Sales / Marketing / Customer Service / Call Center Areas
  • Determine busy / slow hours to help with proper scheduling and staffing.

The above are just a few ways that Microcall can help your organization to reduce expenses.