Microcall continually monitors voice data to identify cost reduction opportunities and also offers a variety of accurate and easy ways to allocate telecom expense back to departments and locations.

Cost Reduction Opportunities

  • Reveal unused extensions that can be reallocated instead of purchasing new ones.
  • Determine the highest number of circuits in use to identify costly over-trunk services.
  • Monitor maximum concurrent calls on SIP trunks to ensure proper capacity planning.
  • Identify incorrect dialing and improperly routed Off Network calls.
  • Analyze Toll Avoidance and Tail-End Hop-Off opportunities to ensure calls are routed through remote gateways as local calls.
  • Reconcile carrier bills to find over charges or incorrect billing rates.
  • Identify long distances calls that are not properly routed over SIP trunks.
  • Identify the source behind the Most Expensive Calls or Long International Calls.
  • Uncover increases in after‐hours calls and over‐weekends (often associated with fraud).
  • Identify Unused Trunk Circuits to determine which unused services to eliminate.
  • Allocate Telecom expenses back to the departments based on their actual usage.
  • Receive Instant Alerts of unexplained surges in use or excessive calls to specific countries/regions/areas which could be fraud related.

Call Accounting / Cost Allocation

Cost Allocation Eliminate managing tariff rates / overcharges and easily allocate all Telecom expense back to various levels (Location, Division, Department, etc.) based on actual usage. Simply plug in the total telecom charges, and Microcall properly allocates the charges back to the various levels based on their total usage.

Equipment Charges  Keep track of equipment and / or assign equipment charges to users / departments so bills include both the cost of calls AND equipment charges.

Cell Phone Charges   Cell phone charges can make up a significant portion of the corporate telecom bill, and Microcall easily imports cellular calling information to reveal all the employee cell phone activity.

Shared Tenant Billing   For cost allocation to tenants or contractors, Microcall provides separate phone bills for those who share the voice platform with other companies / individuals. Different costs can be applied to various groups, as well as different long distance rates, separate charges or miscellaneous fixed expenses.

Account Code / Authorization Codes Account Codes or Authorization Codes can be used to track calls made from anywhere in the organization. Regardless of where the call was placed, these calls can be tracked and allocated back to the appropriate person / department.

Various Overhead and Trunk Charges   Microcall allows for a variety of miscellaneous charges to be applied and allocated to the appropriate locations / departments. Examples include: WebEx, salaries, trunk charges, maintenance agreements, lease payments and more.