Microcall offers various options for organizations that wish to bill departments and locations for their portion of the telecom expense. Microcall associates employee / extension information (name, department, cost center, etc.) with the actual call usage and call charges (including any other miscellaneous expenses). One simple method is to enter the total monthly phone bill and have Microcall allocate expense based on actual usage. Other costing methods include: V&H based costing, imported negotiated long distance rates, fixed costs per minute, trunk group costing, message unit costing, banded costing, fixed costs per call and on-net / off-net costing.

Usage-based Cost Allocation Allocate ALL Telecom expense back to various levels (Location, Division, Department, etc.) based on actual usage (without managing tariff rates, overcharges, etc.). Simply plug in the total telecom charges, and Microcall will allocate the charges back to the various levels based on their percent of total usage.

Equipment Charges  Keep track of equipment and / or assign equipment charges to users / departments so bills include both the cost of calls AND equipment charges.

Cellular Charges   Cell phone charges can make up a significant portion of the corporate telecom bill.  Microcall easily imports cellular calling information to reveal activity such as; who is exceeding allotted minutes, making calls outside of business hours, making personal calls and more.

Shared Tenant Billing   Microcall provides separate phone bills for those who share the phone system with other companies. Each company / tenant can be billed separately for their calls, using different long distance rates. Miscellaneous charges like conference room usage, personnel services, etc., can be applied to each tenant.

Account Code / Authorization Codes Account Codes or Authorization Codes can be used to track calls made from anywhere in the organization. Regardless of where the call was placed, these calls can be tracked and allocated back to the appropriate person / department.

Various Overhead and Trunk Charges   Microcall allows for a variety of miscellaneous charges to be applied and allocated to the appropriate locations / departments. Examples include: WebEx, salaries, trunk charges, maintenance agreements, lease payments and more.