Constantly monitoring employee interaction with your customers is the key to providing the highest level of customer service and retaining customers. Microcall unlimited reporting and Desktop Dashboards are invaluable to managers who oversee a call center or customer service center.

Sample Customer Service related reports include:

  • Key Customer Call Reports: Are employees spending an inordinate amount of time dealing with certain customers? If so, it may mean that a particular employee is not managing the accounts effectively. Or, it could signal a customer that is dissatisfied with your product or service and may require management intervention. There may also be employees who spend too little time with certain customers and these customers are not receiving the proper time and attention they require.
  • Call Tracking Reports: Analyzing Ring Times, Abandoned Calls, Shared Lined Activity, Agent Activity, and more, provides a good idea of how calls are handled and how this impacts customer service.
  • Voicemail Reports: Which employees are letting calls roll over to voice mail?
  • Do Not Call lists: Reviewing employee calls and having the ability to perform instant searches helps to guard against escalating fines associated with ‘Do Not Call’ lists.
  • Hourly Call Monitoring:  Identifying the busiest hours of the day assists with appropriate employee scheduling and staffing.
  • Real-time Agent Reports: Agent summary information with drill-down to detail helps managers take immediate action.
  • Advertising Campaign Measurement: Reviewing the response generated from specific Advertising Campaigns helps to determine where to spend future advertising dollars.
  • Hunt Group Reports: Are people calling directly in to the Hunt Group, or are they being transferred from another department?
  • Customer Contact Reports: Which customers do we contact most often?
  • Call Termination Report: Reveals who terminated the call – your employee or the customer?