Microcall cradle‐to‐grave reporting shows the various paths a call with take from initial contact to final resolution. Think of a customer calling into your company and being transferred to the wrong department, several times, before reaching the appropriate one. Microcall tracks all calls from start to finish, revealing what path a call took, all the different transfers, all the various employees / departments that handled that particular call as well as all the details associated with each encounter. Reporting on the progression of a call in both real-time as well as historical, helps to reveal customer complaints, improperly routed calls, and the reasons why a call is transferred from one department to another.

  • Where are calls transferred when they leave a department?
  • Why are calls transferred from one department to another?
  • Is the auto-attendant transferring customers to the wrong departments?
  • How many calls go to voice mail?
  • Which departments receive calls through specific Route Points or VDN’s?
  • Who transferred a specific call to a department?
  • Where do the calls in specific departments come from?



Note: Microcall reporting varies depending on the information received from each specific platform.