Instant Alerts / Immediate Notification

It’s easy to properly manage your infrastructure when Microcall instantly alerts you of System Failures, Toll Fraud, Emergency 911 Calls, Improperly Routed Calls, Poor Call Quality and more. Microcall continually monitors calling patterns and sends instant alerts of any potential issues. Microcall Instant Alerts are so flexible that users can create as many notifications as needed, and can customize alerts for their specific corporate environment.  Alert notifications can be viewed within the live dashboards and/or Microcall can send instant emails/SMS to specified recipients, whenever an alert occurs.

Instant Alerts / Immediate Notification examples include:

  • Instant Alerts when Disaster Recovery trunks that are down.
  • Instant Alerts when PRI or SIP trunks are down.
  • Instant Alerts for Emergency 911 Calls with Caller Location Identifiers.
  • Instant Alerts when x% of calls have a MOS rating that is below user-defined threshold.
  • Instant Alerts when calls are incorrectly routed Off Network.
  • Instant Alerts for Suspicious Calling activity, After-Hour calls, Excessive Internal Calls to specific Countries, Expensive Calls, etc.
  • Instant Alerts when Load Balanced trunks are NOT balanced.
  • Instant Alerts when specific SBC / CUBE is not carrying traffic.
  • Instant Alerts for Longest calls that can point to unresolved customer issues, or employee misuse.
  • Instant Alerts when Voice Platform is not sending data.
  • Instant Alerts for ‘no’ activity on 800 numbers.
  • Instant Alerts for unexplained surges in use.
  • Instant Alerts for Frequently Dialed Numbers pinpointing irregularities or excessive personal calls.