Call-quality issues can often be attributed to the speed and performance of the network, and many times, corporations are not aware that they occur until complaints are received from employees and customers.  When you integrate Microcall with your Session Border Controller/CUBE, Microcall instantly pinpoints calls with bad call quality, and helps to determine ‘why’ the calls had issues (specific ingress/egress routes, busy times, excessive jitter/latency/packet loss, specific CODEC’s, under licensed on SIP trunk, etc.).

To be instantly alerted of poor call quality, Microcall allows users to create an unlimited number of instant alerts based on user-defined thresholds, including: MOS, jitter, packet loss, latency, R factor, and more.  Alerts can be viewed in the real-time Microcall Dashboard and/or sent automatically via email/SMS.

Microcall Reporting/Dashboard Highlights include:

  • Trace any call ‘cradle-to-grave’ from the SBC through the voice platform.
  • Receive instant alerts BEFORE you receive complaints about poor call quality.
  • Pinpoint highest number of concurrent call paths in use and when this occurred.
  • Receive instant alerts when overflow or backup trunks are utilized.
  • Create an unlimited number of alert
    conditions based on user specified thresholds (MOS rating, jitter, packet loss, latency, R Factor, ingress/egress route, Codec).
  • View alerts in the real-time Dashboard and/or alert automatically via email / SMS.
  • Determine why the calls had issues (specific ingress/egress routes, busy times, CODEC’s, under licensed on SIP trunk).
  • Design & save unlimited instant alerts to identify potential Toll Fraud.
  • Receive instant alert of Emergency 911 calls with caller location information.