When it comes to getting valuable information into the hands of the managers, Microcall makes it quick, easy, and automated. Users have multiple options for accessing/viewing/sharing reports:

  • Quick Search – simple browser access for real-time and historical searches on phone number, extension or employee name.
  • Cradle-to-Grave Searches – simply click on any real-time or historical call to trace it from start to finish with all the details from initial contact to call termination.
  • Windows Authentication – authenticates report access through Microsoft Windows to set appropriate permissions for simplified user-restrictions and no passwords required.
  • Desktop Dashboardsreal-time desktop views, real-time results.
  • Snapshot & Share Viewssimply click on an icon to share your desktop view with others.
  • Unlimited Browser Access – unlimited users with unlimited browser reporting access.
  • Automated Email Distribution automated emailed reports; hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, on-demand.
  • Report Generator – Unlimited Reports / Dashboards, simple to create and save, for automatic distribution.