To encourage employee productivity of sales groups or assist with overseeing a remote workforce, managers need an overall ‘big picture’ view of all phone usage within their group, as well as specific details of a particular employee’s calls. Microcall makes it simple for managers to obtain ‘instant’ answers to critical business questions, regardless of where employees are physically located.

Productivity Report Samples – Sales

  • Identify the number of “cold calls” made by the sales team.
  • Employee Summary shows a summary of calls by department/employee/extension.
  • Employee Call Details reveal Duration, Ring Time, Redirected Calls, Call Forward No Answer calls, Voicemail calls, Time Spent on Call, Number Dialed.
  • Busy Hour displays departmental activity by hour of day to help with scheduling/staffing, busy times, slowest times.
  • Longest Calls reveals unusually long calls by department/employee.
  • Most Expensive Calls shows expensive calls and the employee responsible for the calls.
  • Most Frequently Dialed Numbers displays frequently dialed number by employee/department revealing excessive personal and business related calls.
  • Most Frequent Incoming Calls reveals frequent ‘incoming’ calls by employee/department.
  • Long Calls Alert triggers an e-mail for longest calls handled within a department.
  • Key Customer Alerts triggers an e-mail for calls made to, or received from, certain customers.
  • Regional Sales Report shows sales people who made/received calls from outside their territory.
  • Inbound Call Summary by State shows inbound calls by state, illustrating WHERE callers are calling FROM.

Constantly monitoring employee interaction with your customers is the key to providing the highest level of customer service and retaining customers. Microcall’s unlimited reporting and Desktop Dashboards are invaluable to managers who oversee a specific call center or all employees throughout the entire organization.

Productivity Report Samples – Customer Service

  • Key Customer Call Reports: Are employees spending an inordinate amount of time dealing with certain customers? If so, it may mean that a particular employee is not managing the accounts effectively. Or, it could signal a customer that is dissatisfied with your product or service and may require management intervention. There may also be employees who spend too little time with certain customers and these customers are not receiving the proper time and attention they require.
  • Call Tracking Reports: Analyzing Ring Times, Abandoned Calls, Shared Lined Activity, and more, detailing how calls are handled and how this impacts customer service.
  • Which employees are letting calls roll over to voice mail?
  • Do Not Call lists: Reviewing employee calls and having the ability to perform instant searches helps to guard against escalating fines associated with ‘Do Not Call’ lists.
  • Hourly Call Monitoring: Identifying the busiest hours of the day assists with appropriate employee scheduling and staffing.
  • Are people calling directly in to the Hunt Group, or are they being transferred from another department?

Large corporations spend millions of dollars annually on Advertising so it is imperative to have a measurement tool to determine the overall effectiveness of the Ad’s message and placement.

Productivity Report Samples – Marketing / Advertising

  • What was the responsive from each Advertisement?
  • Which type of Advertisement was more effective?
  • Where to invest future Advertising dollars and with which media (radio, television, websites, print ads, billboards, direct mail pieces, promotions, etc.)?
  • From which Advertisement did the customer hear of the product / service?
  • Is there a specific geographic location that was more effective?

Microcall reports provide great insight into other advertising factors such as, customer product perception, corporate imagine, success of sales promotions, and more.

With on-going demands, Managers have limited time to review and make sense of thousands of voice records. Microcall makes it easy for managers to obtain relevant information by continually analyzing the data and alerting managers of any voice activity that is considered out-of-the-norm. With Microcall Exception reporting, Managers can create alerts and notifications that are unique to ‘their’ corporate environment.

Productivity Report Samples – Exception Reporting:

  • Most Frequently Dialed Numbers
  • Longest Calls
  • Most Expensive Calls
  • Long International Calls
  • Calls over $1, $5, $25, $200, etc.
  • Calls over 30 minutes, 45 mins, etc.
  • Calls Made to Specific Numbers and more.