Microcall provides accurate answers when moving PRI’s to SIP trunks, planning future SIP licensing requirements, and confirming that existing SIP trunks are sized correctly. No more estimates or guesswork to SIP licensing requirements. Microcall determines licensing based on actual usage and allows users to create ‘what if’ scenarios to explore various SIP migration options.

Implementing SIP trunks?

Microcall dashboards help to determine:

  • Maximum Peak Usage on each trunk.
  • Concurrent Call Paths for specific times / multiple gateways.
  • Busiest Times on each trunk / concurrent call.
  • Analyze existing TDM trunk activity to show impact of moving traffic to SIP trunks, and more.

Already using SIP trunks?

Ensure existing SIP trunks are performing optimally:

  • Maximum number of peak concurrent conversations on SIP trunks.
  • Which trunks have capacity to handle new sites?
  • Under-utilized SIP trunks based on your current licensed capacity.
  • Reconcile SIP provider billing statements, and more.