Gaining greater insight into the voice platform to improve overall operational efficiency is on-going for voice managers. Microcall’s flexible reporting is everything needed to assist managers in planning for SIP deployment, managing multi‐vendor/multi-systems, tracking employee abuse/misuse, and identifying voice usage irregularities. Microcall offers easy-to-read reports that assist managers in making quick and accurate decisions to better manage overall voice communications.

Samples of Voice Traffic Reports include:

  • Peak Concurrent Calls determines bandwidth needed for SIP deployment.
  • SIP Reporting to ensure proper SIP licensing requirements.
  • SBC (Session Border Controller) Analytics for details on calls that go through the SBC.
  • Identify Unused Extensions.
  • Gateway Analysis demonstrates if calls are routed properly.
  • Pilot/Route Point shows routed calls from a specific Route point.
  • Trunk Analysis determines over-trunk and under-trunk.
  • Answered Shared Lines measures device & total usage activity.
  • Cradle-to-Grave tracks calls from answer to completion.
  • Abandoned Calls determines when and where calls are abandoned.
  • Ring Time shows average time by employee, department, etc.
  • Circuit Summary displays unused circuits.
  • Missed Tail-End Hop-Off indicates improperly routed network calls.
  • Cost Allocation distributes related costs back to Regions/Cost Centers/etc.
  • Hunt Group displays extension summary & detail in a Hunt Group.
  • Device Type displays soft phone, iPhone, hard phone, etc., usage.
  • Search Outbound Numbers determines activity such as improper fax line calling.
  • Search Inbound ANI provides information for security & customer service issues.

Cradle-to-Grave Reporting

Microcall’s enhanced cradle‐to‐grave reporting provides details on how calls transition through the voice platform from initial contact to final resolution (for all calls, not just those in a call center).

  • Where do calls get transferred when they leave a department?
  • Who transfers calls to specific extensions or departments?
  • How many calls go to voice mail?
  • Which departments receive calls through specific Route Points or VDN’s?
  • Who transferred a specific call to a department?
  • Where do the calls in specific departments come from?



Note: Microcall reporting varies depending on the information received from each specific platform.