Any business with employees and a phone system will benefit from call reporting, regardless of the size of the organization. A few examples of how small businesses can benefit from Microcall include:

  • Detailed Ad hoc reporting to investigate customer complaints and customer inquiries.
  • Specific Dialed Number searches to assist with and quickly resolve any harassing calls / bomb threats.
  • Analyze call statistics for Sales and Marketing groups.
  • Measure hourly call usage to determine proper staffing schedules.
  • Review ‘Most Expensive Calls’ and employees directly responsible for them.
  • Monitor employee call patterns to confirm customer satisfaction, employee productivity, and excessive personal calls.

Microcall Report Distribution

Microcall reporting is available in Desktop Dashboards as well as through a browser, and can also be scheduled for automatic email distribution.

Easy Access to Critical Data:

  1. Dashboards revealing real-time call analytics right on the user’s desktop.
  2. Microcall Report Generator allowing users to create & save an unlimited number of reports.
  3. Unlimited Remote User Access with Windows Authentication – easy browser access to perform instant call searches as well as obtain detailed reporting.
  4. Scheduled, Automatic Email Reports – hourly, daily, weekly, monthly.