We believe that a company is defined by the quality of its employees and the superiority of its products. At Micro-Tel, we have both. See what our customers have to say:

“Microcall has the best customer/tech support group of any vendor that we use”.

Healthcare Provider, Microcall 10,000 extensions, Cisco

“I am one of the unified communications engineers from our company and I am writing to let you know how much of a pleasure it has been working with your support team. As no member from our current team was around for the initial Microcall roll out in our company, we relied on your help desk for asking for questions and support. We are very satisfied with the support that we are given. Your staff consistently provided us with great support and information regarding Microcall and we couldn’t be happier. Because of these two factors, we are strongly considering using Microcall as our call accounting solution for our other IPT clusters in Europe and India.”

Financial Institution, Microcall 30,000 extensions, Avaya & Cisco

“I wanted to inform you of the proficiency that I have always received from each of your technicians’ whenever I call Micro-Tel for technical assistance. Each technician is extremely courteous and each technician can assist with resolution.”

University, Microcall 10,000 extensions, Cisco

“Until this week we luckily have not had to call customer support for any issues. However, this week we did have to call for support to update an old machine and move it over to a new machine. When I called, the phone was quickly answered by a person, who simply asked for the ID number and company name. I was then swiftly transferred to a gentleman and, I explained to him what we were trying to do. He was eager to help and walked me through some of the information he needed. He patiently helped me over the phone and, by the end of our conversation, he had help fix the issues and move everything to the new machine. In addition, we had a time stamp being off which was with our phones. He allowed me to send him the logs so he could review them and double check that was the issue, this strayed away from the original issues, but shows the quality of service he gave.

The purpose of this e-mail to thank you for the AMAZING and GREAT support that Microcall gives. Many companies greatly underestimate how the support team reflects their company and customers wanting to continue doing business with them. From this experience alone I would highly recommend Microcall products based on the prompt and knowledgeable service I received. In addition to recommendations, I will continue to use Microcall in the future with the knowledgeable support team you maintain.”

National Bank, Microcall 2500 extensions, Avaya

“It is a pleasure to use your Microcall product and your unparalleled customer support. Your company has no peer in the area of customer service.”

Cable Provider, Microcall 20,000 extensions, Avaya

“I wanted to reach out and let you know how diligent, helpful and creative I found the Microcall Help Desk. So many times when one calls anywhere for help, if the person on the other end of the line cannot help, that is the end. Your Microcall Help Desk not only helped us with a solution but, they also provided us with other solutions and even called us and e-mailed us afterwards. I wish everyone I dealt with was as great!”

Financial Services Company, Microcall 500 extensions, Mitel

“I am compelled to contact you to tell you that I think the Micro-Tel Tech Support team is fantastic. They are patient, resourceful, intelligent and they follow-up.if all companies had employees like yours, my job would be so much easier.”

Mortgage Company, Microcall 1000 extensions, Avaya

“I have to tell you how pleased I am with everyone at Micro-Tel. Your staff has really been wonderful. Your technical support department routinely calls me to check-in and make sure that that our Microcall systems are running properly. Everyone that I have talked to, have walked me through the Microcall system and are VERY easy to understand and follow. Thanks, you and your team are great!”

Phone System Manufacturer, Microcall 40,000 extensions, Siemens

“I am so impressed with Microcall. After years of suffering through other call accounting systems, I am truly amazed with Microcall’s ability. No other company has offered the support and follow up that I have found with Micro-Tel. Just knowing that you all are there and checking on my account makes me feel secure!”

Assisted Living Facility, Microcall 500 extensions, Nortel

“I would like to thank everyone at Micro-Tel for their tremendous assistance. Every time I call for support, the professionalism, knowledge and positive attitudes always have been fantastic. You have such unique experts.”

Chemical Company, Microcall 2500 extensions, Avaya & Cisco

“I work in the IT department for the newspaper and felt compelled to write you because of the consistently outstanding service that your staff has offered me over the past dozen or so years. The attitude of your staff coupled with their ability to listen thoroughly so as to understand the direction of the solution has made using Microcall a real pleasure to me. As a support professional, I appreciate the excellence of your staff and would like to offer my sincerest thanks.”

Publishing Company, Microcall 10,000 extensions, Nortel

“I have worked as telecommunications manager for several organizations in the last 4 years and one of the first things I do is convert the existing Telemanagement system to Microcall if it is not already Microcall. The reason being “Service, Service, Service,” everyone at Micro-Tel is professional and knows their product. It’s always a pleasure to deal with people who know their customers and their jobs. Yours is a superior company.”

Insurance Company, Microcall 2500 extensions, Cisco